Can hdmi carry analog audio?

Answer HDMI cables can carry audio but it is in digital format only. Any HDMI connector will be capable of carrying the audio content and any input should be capable of receiving and processing the audio... Read More »

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Does an HDMI cable carry audio?

HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) cables have a number of benefits, and among those is the ability to relay multichannel digital audio along with the HD video to a TV from a DVD/Blu-Ray p... Read More »

Do HDMI cables carry audio& video?

A high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) cable does alone what for years had required a maze of cables to accomplish. HDMI cables help transfer clear, all-digital audio and video signals from ... Read More »

Does hdmi cable carry video and audio?

HDMI is a connector standard designed fo rboth HD and SD video. It will carry both audio and video signals within the cable so it provides a single cable interface between equipment. It might be wo... Read More »

Does hdmi cable carry audio to tv monitors?

Yes. It HDMI stands for High Definition Multi-Input. It uses audio and video. For more information, search