Can having pid make it hard to have natural childbirth?

Answer PID won't affect having natural child birth.

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How hard is Natural Childbirth?

Go for it girl! Of course there's pain, but with the right frame of mind (positive, determined) you can totally get through it. Getting up while laboring and having all sensation is totally worth ... Read More »

Does natural childbirth make chiari malformation symptoms get worse?

I have had 2 c-sections and after baby number one the symptoms got worse and they were much worse after baby number 2. So I would say: yes.

If you are tired all the time have insomnia irritable having black outsunable to move at timesand having a hard time concentrating what disease do you have that is not depression or anemia or ADHD?

Mead Johnson doesn't seem to carry it, nor does the Milupa webpage. With so many newer and supposedly better tasting products out there, why would anyone want to give their PKU infant a formula tha... Read More »

What is a natural childbirth?

Natural birth is considered to be birth by the vaginal canal, rather than cesarean section, without the aid of anesthesia.