Can having my lcd tv to close to my microwave damage it?

Answer Some microwaves put off a lot of heat from the back side, that might cause a problem, but the microwave itself won't cause an issue. Being that close might cause some interference when its running... Read More »

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How Close Can You Mount a Microwave Over a Range Top?

Mounting GuidelinesCreate a safe and open workspace by following the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) guidelines that suggest mounting your over-the-range microwave at least 15 inches a... Read More »

Can you get brain damage from opening the microwave in the middle of it heating?

No. This is why the microwave shuts off when the door is open. As long as you aren't attempting to microwave yourself, you should be fine.Companies who produce microwave do give thoughts to user he... Read More »

Is it true that is you sit to close to the TV it will cause Eye damage?

That story comes from the early days of television when it was believed by many that dangerous rays were emitted by them.If television could damage your eyes, there would be big warnings on them.So... Read More »

If a recipe says heat someting for 3 minutes in a microwave, but you dont have a microwave.....?

What is it??? With only that information, I'd ballpark it at 20 min. on 350º.But I can't promise that will work, man!! That's really vague.edit:HAHA dude you must be messing with me. You could ... Read More »