Can having intercourse make you loose your mucus plug?

Answer In the later stages of pregnancy, yes it can

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Will walking make you loose your mucus plug?

Can you loose your mucus plug during sex?

You will lose your mucus plug when you are ready to. Having sex will hurt you or the baby, unless your doctor has advised you otherwise. Ask a doctor if something feels wrong. But you should have n... Read More »

You are 90 effaced 3cm dilated having contractions for the past 3 days Just lost your mucus plug?

Losing your mucus plug is nothing to worry about. Let your midwife/obgyn know at next visit but all those signs can last for weeks before you give birth

If am only a month should i be having cramping and see my mucus plug i recently finished treating BV and a yeast infection?

also, i barely found out i was PG yesterday after taking a home pregnancy test because i was suppose to start on Saturday, I've been getting alot of crampage, usually my menstraul cramps are really... Read More »