Can having a massage make you feel unwell?

Answer some of these answers are accurate, some are very misleading. you need to listen to your body and get into a rhythm of knowing when your body has had enough. Manual lymph drainage, when done prop... Read More »

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Can a brawl that's too tight make u feel like your having a heart attack?

I'm assuming you are talking about a BRA? Like, female underwear for your chest? If so, you are probably just wearing to small of a size. Go to Victoria Secret or somewhere where they will measure ... Read More »

Is it normal to feel quite sore and tight after receiving a massage is this good?

Yes, this is normal. Not only from rubbing the muscles, which can cause them to contract and relax, but from your body releasing toxins. Good things to do are to make sure you're drinking plenty of... Read More »

Why do I feel terrible after having a nap?

I feel guilty for having a big breakfast?

You'll be fine. General rule: if you're gonna eat bad do it early morn. Your body has more time to burn calories