Can having a backruptcy affect your chances of finding a job?

Answer On One Hand: It Might Matter to Some Employers.According to Liz Pulliam Weston on MSN Money, 43 percent of employers run a credit check on their potential employers. When an employer sees you had t... Read More »

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What are the chances of finding my lost luggage?

You need to call the airline that operated the last leg of your trip. They are the ones who will assume responsibility of any lost luggage. They will have a number for lost luggage.As your bags wer... Read More »

Can going pee after sex hurt chances of getting pregnant How could urine affect sperm?

yes. i have.. i got UTIs for falling asleep after sex, i didnt get pregnant either.. i pee'd after and then fell asleep..i was pregnant that month (i always believe in the wives tales,but this one.... Read More »

Can treating a yeast infection during ovulation affect your chances of pregnancy?

Answer No, they have no affect on each other. But it's probably not the best thing for your yeast infection to have sex. It could make your worse or spread to your partner.

What are the chances of Microsoft acquiring Google If yes, will it affect the android market?

There doesn't seems any positive chances that Microsoft will acquire Google.Google as a giant will not be ready for the same as its improving and advancing fastly compared to other IT global markets.