Can hardwood floors be refinished without sanding?

Answer Hardwood floors can be refinished without sanding. They can be professionally buffed with a machine to smooth away scratches, after which clear urethane finish is reapplied. There are also kits tha... Read More »

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How many times can hardwood floors be refinished?

The number of times you can refinish your hardwood floor depends on the thickness of the wood. You can continue to refinish as long as there's enough surface depth left to sand off the old finish w... Read More »

The Best Way to Refinish Hardwood Floors without Sanding?

Though hardwood flooring is extremely durable, it can show scratches and may look dull over time, especially in high-traffic areas. While some homeowners believe sanding is the only way to restore ... Read More »

How do I minimize dust while sanding hardwood floors?

Close and cover all doors, windows and vents with plastic tarps and seal them with tape to the wall. Sweep the floor periodically and collect the dust into buckets. Dispose of the buckets through w... Read More »

How to Refinish Hardwood Floors Without Deep Sanding?

Day-to-day life can be tough on your wood floors, causing them to fade and begin to look worn. Most of the newer manufactured wood floors have a thin layer of wood on the top, meaning you can only ... Read More »