Can hamsters eat garbage?

Answer On One Hand: Garbage AppealBy nature, hamsters will nibble on just about anything that smells like food. So if allowed, a hamster will eat garbage. And if a hamster finds garbage, it will eat it.On... Read More »

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Can female hamsters live with male hamsters?

Animal World recommends keeping only one regular-sized hamster per cage. Hamsters are territorial, and they will fight over food and space. Males and females should be kept together only long enoug... Read More »

Do hamsters eat other hamsters when dead?

Hamsters eat other hamsters when dead due to fighting or balance of the litter. It is also common that nursing mothers can kill and consume their weakest pups when the food supply is low or when th... Read More »

How to Keep Bugs Out of Garbage?

There's no doubt about it: bugs love garbage. Specifically, they love your garbage and often seem to wait for an opportunity to invade your home and investigate the food scraps you and your family ... Read More »

How much does a garbage man make?

According to, the average starting pay for a garbage collector is from $24,148 to $32,073. A garbage man with more than 20 years' experience can earn up to $51,