Can hair dye kill lice?

Answer Hair dye may kill a few adult lice, but it will not kill all of the lice or their eggs. To get rid of lice, you must use chemicals approved for lice removal or another method recommended by doctors... Read More »

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How to Dye Hair to Kill Lice?

While head lice can be unsightly and uncomfortable, those maintaining a hair color regimen with permanent dye can remove the infestation quickly and easily while accomplishing their aesthetic routi... Read More »

How to Kill Hair Lice?

Head lice is highly contagious, especially among children, as they tend to play close together. Hair lice cause irritation and constant scratching. Contrary to popular belief, lice is not an afflic... Read More »

Duz straitening your hair kill lice?

No, that will not kill the lice. Go to your local pharmacy/drugstore and ask for Rid.

Can hair dye kill head lice?

On One Hand: Limited Scientific EvidenceAccording to the state of Virginia Department of Health, there is insufficient evidence that hair dye or bleach will remove lice from the hair and scalp. In ... Read More »