Can hGH make a person taller?

Answer Human growth hormone can increase a person's height up to five inches. But people who are a normal height can have serious side effects from hGH, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hardening of... Read More »

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How to Kiss a Taller Person?

Kissing while sitting down is a good optionOkay, if you're here you're most likely a girl who's got a taller guy. Having trouble kissing him because he's taller? Read on!

Is it true that The average person is about a quarter of an inch taller at night.?

yes and my source is…

Is there a possible way to grow taller at 16 if you are already taller than your parents?

Eat well and sleep a lot. You need to do things naturally; otherwise, you could damage your health. You are still a child and you need to consult with a qualified physician if you have any concerns.

Can i make myself taller?

On One Hand: Mature Bones and Genetics Prevent Further GrowthGrowing taller for mature adults isn't usually possible. Although there are a number of techniques that promise to enhance height throug... Read More »