Can hCG levels decline& then rise?

Answer It is possible, but extremely rare, for hCG levels to decline and then rise. Typically hCG levels reach their peak in the human body during the first trimester of pregnancy. The levels will then sh... Read More »

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What causes pool pH levels to rise?

The pH of pool water tends to rise because of chlorination and bodily wastes, such as sweat and urine. If the pH level of pool water becomes too high, scales may form, chlorine will become less eff... Read More »

How to Build Platforms to Rise With Water Levels for Turtles?

Turtle platforms come in many shapes and sizes. The form of your platform should be determined by the size of the body of water it is to float in, and the species of turtle living there. The larger... Read More »

Why does the probability of experiencing sciatic pain peaks in the 50s and then decline with more advanced age?

Just thinking; By the time most of us reach 50's we have put on a few extra pounds. In our 60's most of us retire and have more time to relax and spend time at home. I agree with any pain one needs... Read More »

If chocolate will rise the cholesterol/ fat in body, then how it protect from cardiovascular problem?

Dark chocolate is better for your heart, but its best to limit how much you eat of it anyways.