Can guys wear headbands?

Answer On One Hand: There Are Many Kinds of StyleThere are many kinds of headbands and many kinds of looks a guy may go for. Different areas of the world also have drastically different concepts of what i... Read More »

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How to Wear Large Headbands?

Almost any type or length of hair can wear a headband. Women usually wear large headbands, rather than men. Large headbands work well for holding back bangs. They can also sit on top of the hair an... Read More »

How to Wear Headwraps & Headbands?

Today everyone from celebrities to housewives are wearing headwraps and headbands as a fashion accessory. Headwraps are a great cover up for people who are dealing with hair loss. Hair bands are an... Read More »

How to Wear Gypsy Headbands?

Gypsy headbands are not only worn by gypsies, but also very fashionable folks. They can easily add the easy, breezy, funky gypsy style to a number of outfits. Gypsy headbands are often thicker than... Read More »

How to Wear Ear Warmer Headbands?

If you spend a lot of time in the cold, you understand the importance of keeping your ears warm. Failing to protect your ears can result in frostnip, causing your outermost extremities, like finger... Read More »