Can gun foam be used instead of an acoustical sealant drywall?

Answer On One Hand: Provides a Cheaper AlternativeGun foam is a polyurethane composite designed to inhibit the transfer of heat. Because it's not very dense and its components are cheap, it is usually muc... Read More »

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How to Remove Foam Sealant?

Foam sealant is used to seal and fill holes and cracks throughout your home, garage or other structure. It is waterproof, airtight and can be painted or stained if needed. Foam sealant is a good ch... Read More »

Acoustical Engineering Colleges in MA?

If you have ever been mesmerized by the rich clarity and powerful sound of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra while attending a live performance, you can thank an acoustical engineer. These highly t... Read More »

Acoustical Engineering Degrees?

Concert halls, airports, gymnasiums and houses serve as just a few of many structures to which acoustical engineering can be applied. When planning new buildings or remodeling current ones, enginee... Read More »

How to Build Your Own Acoustical Panel?

A recording booth with a dozen homemade acoustical panels hanging on the wall.This article is about how to build your own homemade acoustical panel. Acoustical panels are used to dampen noise refle... Read More »