Can gum kill moles?

Answer If you have a problem with moles, chewing gum will not kill them. In spite of many who claim it works by blocking their intestines, there seems to be little proof of this. In fact, in tests conduct... Read More »

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Can guns kill moles?

Yes. Mole guns are unusual weapons used to kill moles on farms, according to Mole guns propel pellets in a similar way to the way a shotgun operates to effectively eliminate mole... Read More »

How to Kill Moles & Grubs?

Your landscaping is finally completed when suddenly problems begin. You see brown patches of dead grass, even though your expensive sprinkler system is working perfectly. Soon after the brown patch... Read More »

How to Use Poison to Kill Moles?

Moles may look cute, but these little rodents can cause big problems in your yard. The animals burrow deep tunnels underneath your lawn, which disrupts the way your grass and plants feed. The moles... Read More »

How do i kill gophers&moles?

Poison can be used to kill gophers and moles, but be aware that the poison can also kill beneficial creatures that live in the vicinity. Other methods can be used to get rid of gophers and moles.Po... Read More »