Can grey pvc fittings be used for a water supply?

Answer Standard grey PVC or polyvinyl chloride fittings are not for use with a water supply that includes hot water. They are not heat-resistant. You can use them for cold water, buried pressure pipes and... Read More »

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Types of Fittings for Water Lines?

Plumbers run water in plastic, copper and galvanized-steel pipes. To join the pipes, change direction and pipe size, and terminate the run, they have to use the correct fittings and an appropriate ... Read More »

Are compression pipe fittings good enough to use on copper pipes when hooking up a water filter?

What does grey water contain?

Greywater is wastewater generated from domestic activities such as dish washing, laundry and bathing. Greywater comprises 50-80% of residential wastewater generated from all of the house's sanitati... Read More »

How to Pump Grey Water to Sprinklers?

Grey water is non-sewage water used by homes. Most grey water is considered safe for use in the garden and can work with a sprinkler system. The key is to use a water pump that removes the grey wat... Read More »