Can grass grow in different soils?

Answer On One Hand: Native Grasses Are HardyGrass grows in a variety of different soils, according to the University of California. Each species of grass prefers a specific kind of soil. For example, sava... Read More »

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Will peonies grow in alkaline soils?

Peonies will grow in all types of soil, but they thrive in soil with a pH of 6.5 to 7.5, which straddles the border between low acidity and low alkalinity, since a pH of 7 is classified as neutral.... Read More »

What vegetables grow best in sandy soils?

Carrots do well. ANSWER: Any. Lettuce, turnips, potatoes, strawberries, peppers, corn, squash, zuchini, collard greens and tomatos are grown commercially in sandy soils. The soil does not effect t... Read More »

Will putting hay over freshly planted grass help hold moisture and still let enough sun in for grass to grow?

Hay spread thinly will help, but your best bet is straw. It is not as heavy and also won't hold seeds from left over weeds like hay does.

Science Experiment: Which Types of Soils Cause Sunflowers to Grow Larger?

Sunflowers will grow larger or smaller depending on the quality of the soil they are growing in and the suitability of the soil to sunflower habitat. That is, a soil may be high quality but not wha... Read More »