Can granite tile be installed over laminate countertops?

Answer Laminate---sometimes referred to as Formica---countertops are too slippery for tiles to stick without preparation. Either sand the laminate or attach backer board first. Then proceed to tile over t... Read More »

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Can you tile over laminate countertops?

You can tile over a laminate countertop, but you should first know a few things. First of all, a laminate can peel off over time. This is rare but it may happen and it is something to consider befo... Read More »

How to Install Granite Tile Over Laminate?

You can update laminate countertops with granite tile. It's possible to install granite tile over laminate countertops when you have the right information and materials. Learn more about granite ti... Read More »

Can wall tile be installed over laminate?

Wall tile can be installed over laminate with a few provisions. While wall tile should be placed over cement board or wet rock, it can be place over sturdy and undamaged laminate that is glued to t... Read More »

Can you mix laminate&granite countertops?

Laminate and granite are two popular materials used in countertop design. Like some customers, you may opt to use one material for the countertop and the other for an island. Some also prefer to sp... Read More »