Can grandparents be paid for child care?

Answer maybe if they have custody they could get child benefits

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How to Get Paid to Stay Home & Care for a Handicapped Child?

Caring for a disabled child is difficult even in the best of times. If you are low income, it can seem like a daunting task. However, resources are available to assist you. In some cases, you can r... Read More »

Does illegal father has more rights than grandparents Father wants full custody child's been living with grandparents for four years in AZ?

As an illegal, he probably does not have access to the legal system. The grandparents should probably determine if the father is a fit parent and, if so, do the right thing.

How much do you get paid for foster care in peoria il specially for a small child 6yrs with problems?

how much do you get paid in peoria il. for a child age 6yrs. old if your a foster parent and the child has problems, and how often do you get paid do you buy the bed for the child or do the agency ... Read More »

How to Care for Your Grandparents?

Remember to love and care for your grandparents. They are special.Make sure they have all that need to be happy and you can help them, if needed. Remember your grandparents are older and may not ha... Read More »