Can government employees have their wages garnished?

Answer Employees in the public and private sector, including government employees, are subject to wage garnishment, which is the practice of an employer deducting money from an employee's paycheck before ... Read More »

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How much of your wages can be garnished?

A wage garnishment is the process by which a creditor can demand that your employer withhold a portion of your earnings every pay period to satisfy a debt. Title III of the Consumer Credit Protecti... Read More »

Criteria for Garnished Wages?

When wages are garnished, it means a lender, a creditor or tax collector has sought repayment by requiring a person's employer to divert some of his earnings toward a debt. State and federal laws g... Read More »

How much can be garnished from wages in Minnesota?

Acccording to, 75 percent of your disposable earnings or up to 40 times the current minimum wage--whichever is greater--is exempt from garnishment in the state of Minnesota. If you ... Read More »

How much of your wages can be garnished in Georgia?

In the state of Georgia, creditors can obtain a court order to garnish your wages. The maximum amount a creditor can take is the lesser of 25 percent of disposable earnings or 30 times minimum hour... Read More »