How to Draw Gorillas?

Answer These guys are the biggest existing primates! Together with chimps, they're one of the closest living relatives to humans as well. Male gorillas or silverbacks would protect his family or group fro... Read More »

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How big are silverback gorillas?

When a male gorilla is full grown, between ages 13 to 15, the hair on his back turns silvery gray and he is known as a silverback. One of the largest primates in the world, a silverback can reach 6... Read More »

How to Differentiate Gorillas?

Gorillas are endangered primates found mainly in moist tropical forests of African countries like Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Gorillas are distinguished from one another b... Read More »

Science Projects on Gorillas?

Science projects centered around gorillas are beneficial in a number of ways. First, they teach students about a species that has been endangered for years and is in serious risk of extinction in t... Read More »

Why are silverback gorillas endangered?

Silverback, or mountain, gorillas are listed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources "Red List" as endangered because their populations have reached a critical l... Read More »