Can goats eat oak trees?

Answer Goats predominately eat the leaves of low growing shrubs, weeds and trees, including oak leaves. They will eat grass but usually as a last resort when no other food source is available.References:A... Read More »

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Are fruit trees poisonous to goats?

While not all fruit trees are poisonous to goats, there are some that are extremely toxic. South American avocado trees and China berry trees are both poisonous to goats. There are other plants a... Read More »

Are crepe myrtle trees toxic to goats?

Not sure about that... I am sure the goats are toxic to the crepe myrtles if you give them the chance...

Why do cats climb trees?

Cats climb for a variety of reasons. Curiosity, fear and exploration all play a role in these behaviors. The hunting instinct and the quest for food also can motivate a feline to seek a higher per... Read More »

Bugs That Climb Up Boxelder Trees?

Boxelder trees (Acer negundo L.) are members of the Aceraceae or maple family. Other names for boxelder trees are California boxelder, Western boxelder and ashleaf maple. While these trees are gene... Read More »