Can go near heat 3 weeks after you have a baby?

Answer Near heat? You can go near anything you could go near, or could not, before you were pregnant.

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Will you most likely have your baby early if you are 30 weeks pregnant measuring 34 weeks?

Answer Not necessarily. You may just be having a large baby.You don't say if YOU measure 34 weeks or you had an early scan which says you are now 30 weeks and a scan now measures 34 weeks.

What effect will taking two Paracetamol daily from 13 weeks to 28 weeks have on the baby?

Answer Paracetamol is the safest pain relief you can take and it won't affect the baby. But if you are taking it EVERY day you obviously have a problem and need to see a doctor.

Can you get rid of a baby after 12 weeks?

You can always put it up 4 adoption! Depending on who that dad is just keep it! can't do much harm then screw up your sleep!

Can a baby survive after 12 weeks?

ofcourse not...definitely not!!! it can survive at 6 months possibly just about but 7 months it should be okay..