Can glucosamine cause diabetes?

Answer Diabetes is caused by autoimmune dysfunction or by the body's inability to use natural insulin. Although the use of large amounts of glucosamine appears to affect insulin sensitivity in both diabet... Read More »

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Can diabetes cause gallstones?

On One Hand: Leading ContributorDiabetes is a serious disease that can lead to many ailments--including gallstones, which usually are small, pebble-size rocks that develop in the gallbladder. They ... Read More »

Can you cause yourself to get diabetes?

At first was going to say,"NO" because my Mom is slim and was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I checked this out for you at: . "Diabetes is caused by... Read More »

Why softdrinks can cause diabetes?

Several reasons.The first is sugar.The second is that by drinking soft drinks, you cause yourself to drink less pure water, which is necessary for internal hygiene.The wrst drinks you can have are ... Read More »

Can diabetes cause stillbirth?

On One Hand: Diabetes Increases Risk of StillbirthWomen who have diabetes are more likely to have stillborn babies. This occurs more commonly in women who have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes before preg... Read More »