Can glass baby bottles be boiled?

Answer yes...of course

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How long are baby bottles boiled to sterilize them?

You should sterilize baby bottles before the first use by boiling them for at least five minutes in boiling water. After sterilization, wash bottles after every use in hot, soapy water. Allow the b... Read More »

Can you microwave glass baby bottles?

Microwaving glass baby bottles, or any type of baby bottles, is not recommended. According to the FDA, "Never use microwave ovens for heating infant formulas. Microwaving may cause the bottle to re... Read More »

Are glass baby bottles better than BPA-free plastic?

On One Hand: Glass Baby BottlesGlass baby bottles are sturdy and do not contain chemicals that may get into infant formula. However, glass baby bottles are heavy and breakable. Silicone sleeves for... Read More »

What engraving machine can engrave on baby bottles&baby pacifiers?

A simple Dremel tool, fitted with an engraving tip designed for home use, will allow you to engrave on a plastic baby bottle or pacifier. The company also makes special engraving kits which are des... Read More »