Can give your own acronym for CARE?

Answer Care Advice Respectful Elders?Crazy And Rusty ElephantsCrumpets And Rainbows Excellent!!!Cranberry And Raspberry EnvelopesCan Andy Run ExcellentlyCans And Rugs Export

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How to Give Skin Care to Your Knees?

Your knees allow you to bend and kneel, bearing the weight of your body while you perform various tasks. Sometimes, the skin on your knees becomes rough, thick or dry. Because they contain fewer oi... Read More »

What care do you need to give a newborn baby?

Sing to him the sweetest lullabies you can find. Talc on his little buttocks, feed him with your breast milk, and love, much love.

I just planted a Amaryllis bulb..what care should I give it...?

Yes, Judy, you have done the right thing by putting the amaryllis bulb in a pot directly in your kitchen window so it will get lots of sun. Here are some tips that may be of help to you when it com... Read More »

Should a girl have to give her child up for adoption if she is old enough to take care of it?

Answer It seems to me someone that cares about her doesn't think she ready for that type of responsiblity yet. But to me I think she has a say so if she want to keep her on child or not. Besides it... Read More »