How to Talk to Girls About Their Period?

Answer Talking to girls about their periods can be an especially sensitive matter depending on many factors including cultural and religious beliefs, their emotional state or how shy or outgoing they are.... Read More »

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How do girls that get circumsized get their period?

What did girls do in the old day when they got their period?

i know this, i was on an island when i started mine, and my cousin gave me some pads. and i used them up, so my grandmother said to use a rag. and i thought that would be gross so i asked her why ... Read More »

How do girls know when their period is coming?

A few days before we'll get cramps or back pain. The blood doesn't come 'dripping' out when it first we do have some time to get something before it leaks through.

What is the age when girls have their period?

a girls period can start as early as 8 to as late as 16. if it's any later then 16 then there is something wrong and the girl needs to be checked out. lol i'm in jeans and a blue shirt.