Can girls age of 12-13 get pregnant?

Answer 12-13 year old girls should not be having sex and YES you CAN get pregnant if you are ovulating (having your period) 12-13 year old boys can also get them pregnant. Boys can begin ejaculating as ea... Read More »

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Should pregnant school girls stay go to school whilst pregnant?

Yes of course. Pregnant women go to work. You are pregnant not sick and there is nothing preventing you from studying. If there is a "teen pregnant culture" in the school this should not go out ove... Read More »

Why teenage girls get pregnant?

Physically, it's because they had unprotected sex or the protection did not function correctly for whatever reason.

Can 12 year old girls get pregnant?

Yes, 12 year old girls can get pregnant even it they haven't started menstruating. Yes, you are right. I heard about a Little girl at 9 years old. She was pregnant.

Why do teen girls get pregnant?