Can ginger cause a white tongue?

Answer Ginger does not cause your tongue to turn white. Some practitioners of Eastern medicine claim dried ginger can actually be used as a remedy for a white tongue, if other symptoms include poor appeti... Read More »

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Cosmetic Uses of White Ginger?

A native of India and the Himalayas, white ginger lily (Hedychium coronarium) is known for its heady, overpowering fragrance, and pure white flowers that resemble butterflies. The Dai people, who l... Read More »

Can the tubers of the white butterfly ginger be eaten?

The tubers of white butterfly ginger, native to the Himalayas and southern China, are not edible, but the flower buds of the plant are. They can be used like a vegetable, such as being tossed in a ... Read More »

What causes someone's tongue to be white?

He's got rabies, Penny...spray his tongue down with Lysol, and call in SWAT if necessary.

Please Help My Tongue Is White?

I wouldn't worry lots of times in the morning your tongue will be white because you didn't eat or drink anything all night, as soon as you brush your teeth or rinse your mouth or even just eat some... Read More »