Can ginger cause a white tongue?

Answer Ginger does not cause your tongue to turn white. Some practitioners of Eastern medicine claim dried ginger can actually be used as a remedy for a white tongue, if other symptoms include poor appeti... Read More »

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What cause a White bump on tip of tongue?

Answer The cause of the white bump on the tip of your tongue is, if your talking really fast you may accidentally bite your tongue and you may not notice it (I've done it plenty of times) and it's ... Read More »

Can biting your tongue on the side cause a white bump and how long will it last?

%REPLIES% Answer It sounds like it's a canker sore. They are sometimes pretty painful, but aren't anything to worry about. They usually last about a week or less. If it doesn't go away or concer... Read More »

What would cause a white thickened line that hurts in the middle of your tongue?

Answer You can go to a vitamin store and buy "Candex" it will get rid of thrush mouth, also called candida. Your body naturally has Candida or yeast as it's often referd to, but some times it beco... Read More »

Is it ginger cause blood pressure high.?

You must mention your age when you post question on BP, heart problem, so a appropriate answer is given.If you are young - over weight, poor life style, or anxiety or stimulants & medication.If you... Read More »