Can gifs work on iPhone 4?

Answer buy them from itunes

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How to Make Easy Gifs Using Your iPhone?

Ever wondered how to make animated images? A .GIF is a type of file (much like .JPEG, .PNG etc) that has the ability to flip through a series of pictures rather than just a single static one.If you... Read More »

Why won't my .gifs on Tumblr work?

There are certain requirements for .gifs on Tumblr, unfortunately :/For one, the .gif has to be under 500x500. And secondly the .gif must be under 500 KB. If your .gif is larger than these two requ... Read More »

IPhone 3g wont work with universal dock it says in the box iPhone iPhone 3g and iPhone 3GS and comes with the connectors but it says this accessory is not made to work with iPhone?

Will MMS work on a iPhone 3G 3.0 unlock for t-mobile without a data plan or do you need the t-mobile internet service for the mms to work on your iPhone?

How come it shows on itunes all the ringtones i put onto my iphone 3g, but on my actual iphone it only shows a few of them? crap i dont like auto correct... it makes me mess up soo bad!!! LOL