Can getting Hit in the nose really hard kill you?

Answer YES, it can kill you , but it would be instantly. The shortest distance from the outside of your body to your brain tissue is through the nose... that is why they often do brain surgery via the no... Read More »

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Can getting hit in the nose really hard cause ur jaw and lymphnode to swell even if ur nose is fine afterward?

The hit in the nose could have caused what is happening now. You should get it checked out. Your jaw might have been injured.

I just hit my eye really hard and then my nose started to bleed?

Is is true if you poke someone in the bellybutton really hard you can kill them?

Hello, i am not sure if you can kill them, i know that it is possible to like put dem in like shock or somthing, i have never heard of somebody dying of that though

I have a really hard time getting up early in the morning.what should i do.?

Besides going to bed on time, try a sunrise clock . . . the light wakes you up naturally. Regular alarms tend to "shock" one out of a sleep.