Can genital herpes be discovered during a pap test?

Answer On One Hand: Pap Tests are Useful Diagnostic ToolsA Pap test, also known as a Pap smear, is a useful diagnostic tool for finding changes in the cervix. reports that it can help det... Read More »

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How accurate is a blood test for genital herpes?

Blood tests can detect the presence of herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection, and a blood test that detects HSV type 2 signals a likely genital herpes infection. However, a swab test from a herpes b... Read More »

Can you get genital herpes but not oral herpes!!!?

"Just" the virus that's causing the sores?IF it's genital herpes that's causing the sores, the virus wont be eliminated by the anti biotics. It'l stay in your system forever, altho the number of o... Read More »

Is eczema the same as genital herpes Or are they the same strand of herpes?

Eczema and herpes are totally different things, they are not related to each other.To know for sure what the rash is you should see a doctor.You would have to have shingles in order to have herpes ... Read More »

Do I have genital herpes?

This is from shaving. A herpes outbreak is very, very painful! Instead of shaving, try waxing. Or use something better than soap, it's too drying. Soap and shave cream can cause the backlash discha... Read More »