Can generation gap cause teen rebellion?

Answer To some extent this point can be righteous but the main thing is not about generation gap and difference of opinions that cause teen rebellion. Teens of today's don't want to take advices and drive... Read More »

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What cause generation gap between parents and children?

The number of years between when they were born. A generation gap is not only about the true age difference between parents and children. It is much more related to the different thoughts and due t... Read More »

Cause & Effects of Teen Violence?

A spotlight has been thrown on the issue of teen violence with incidents including the violent shootings at Columbine High School in 1999 and Virginia Tech in 2007 as well as several highly-publici... Read More »

What are things that cause teen pregnancy?

SEX is the "cause" of teen pregnancy. Mix sex with immaturity, loneliness, need to feel love, raging hormones, lack of education, poor self control, the belief that everyone is doing it, failure to... Read More »

Lack of attention by parents guardians cause of early parenthood of the teen?

This is the theory I believe. It is rarer amongst families with both parents who have jobs and are more comfortably off with a good home. Bringing up children is a big responsibility for which you ... Read More »