Can gay couples adopt a child?

Answer Yes of course you can and if any one says different there being sexist and you have rights just like every one else don't let anyone tell u different ther is no law against this so it is perfectly ... Read More »

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How come SOME couples looking to adopt feel the need to pressure teen parents into adopting their child?

They feel entitled to your child. After all you are young and you can have plenty more if you want, you will get over it, they can provide a more stable home and they have waited soooo long for a b... Read More »

If you voluntarily give up your rights to your child and allow a relative to adopt that child can you adopt their children?

Can gay couples adopt each other?

Yes, the father can put his name on another child's birth certificate, because it is a diffrent child and has nothing to do with that case. Though it may very in diffrent states.

How do same-sex couples adopt one another's kids?

-- NOTE: This response is not meant to be mean. It is meant to be helpful. -- A more fundamental question I'll answer is, how do same sex couples recover from their personal-childhood-abuse-driven ... Read More »