Can gasoline be made from used motor oil?

Answer No, gasoline can not be made from used motor oil. Used engine oil can be recycled for use in generating electricity in a home or business, or can be burned in furnaces to produce heat.Source:South ... Read More »

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How Did Gasoline Get in My Motor Oil?

Gasoline can often leak into your vehicle's oil supply, causing problems if the leak is sufficient enough. A very minute amount of gasoline in the vehicle's oil supply is normal and often does not ... Read More »

The Difference Between Motor Oil & Gasoline?

There's very little difference between blood plasma and seawater, between human beings and chimpanzees. The difference lay in tiny details, in minute refinements of a base formula to create somethi... Read More »

Diesel Vs. Gasoline Motor Home?

The question of whether to buy a gas or diesel motor home is a one that most prospective buyers ask themselves at least once during the purchasing process. Both have pros and cons, and a little res... Read More »

What is the largest Ford gasoline motor?

Ford produced a 534 cubic-inch gasoline-powered big block V-8 motor for use in the Super Duty trucks from 1958 to 1981. This engine was removed from the Ford lineup in 1981 but may be re-introduced... Read More »