Can gas disintegrate in a house?

Answer Gases in the home, whether natural gas or propane used for heating and cooking, are not entirely stable in air and do disintegrate over time. But before they can disintegrate in the air, they usual... Read More »

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Do airsoft bbs disintegrate?

One specific variety of airsoft BBs are able to disintegrate due to their design and the materials from which they are made. They are called biodegradable airsoft BBs and they are available in most... Read More »

Do atoms disintegrate?

Certain atoms---those referred to as "radioactive"---spontaneously emit small particles. This represents a form of disintegration, although the rate at which it occurs tends to decrease over time a... Read More »

Do airsoft BB's disintegrate?

Airsoft BB's, or pellets, are most commonly made out of nondegradable plastics. However, there are starch-based, biodegradable airsoft pellets on the market, used primarily for formal outdoor games... Read More »

Does styrofoam disintegrate?

Styrofoam disintegrates in about 500 years, according to the government of Hampton County, South Carolina. However, in 2006, Irish scientists at University College Dublin found a bacteria that turn... Read More »