Can galvanized pipe be used for gas supply?

Answer Galvanized steel pipe should not be used for gas lines. Its zinc coating can flake off when it comes into contact with natural gas, causing it to clog the system.Source:Kiedel: All About Pipe: Galv... Read More »

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Can a galvanized pipe be attached to a copper pipe?

Yes, this happens quite often in older houses, copper pipe can be threaded; thus one can join them and there are several fittings that can be utilized. On the other hand, copper tubing (K, L, M, a... Read More »

How to Mix a Black Pipe With a Galvanized Pipe?

Black pipe and galvanized pipe are the same material with just one difference: galvanized pipe is coated with zinc to prevent the underlying steel from corroding. Galvanized piping was commonly use... Read More »

Is flex copper pipe permitted as a water supply pipe in California?

Flex copper pipe is permitted in California as a water supply line in both "stick built" homes and mobile homes. The lines should be at least 12 inches deep and free from any joints. If a joint is ... Read More »

What is galvanized pipe used for?

Galvanized pipe is used in residential water supply lines and well casings. However, according to NSF International, a public health and safety nonprofit, galvanized pipe tends to build up scale in... Read More »