Can frontline for dogs be used on cats?

Answer Since the formulation of the ingredients in Frontline Plus are not completely identical for dogs and cats, the makers of the flea medication warn pet owners not to use Frontline Plus for dogs on th... Read More »

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Can Frontline for cats be used on dogs?

As a general rule, Frontline for cats should not be used for dogs. Frontline (the brand name for fipronil) bases its doses on the weight of the pet. Frontline for dogs is far too strong for cats, a... Read More »

Can Frontline flea medicine be used on cats?

Frontline, Cats and Frontline Plus, Cats are topical flea medications that are designed specifically for cats. Avoid using Frontline products that are designed for dogs on a cat, as the medication ... Read More »

Can Advantage Multi for Dogs be used on cats?

Advantage Multi for Dogs should not be used on cats. The version for use on dogs has more than twice the amount of the active ingredient moxidectin than the version made for cats. According to the ... Read More »

What is reconcile medication used for in dogs&cats?

Reconcile, or Fluoxetine, is a veterinary drug used for dogs and cats that have behavioral problems like compulsive chewing, self mutilation, urination marking, aggression, separation anxiety and ... Read More »