Can forensics trace sabots?

Answer A sabot is a device that propels a special type of bullet over large distances using more of a slingshot method than a gun. Any forensics lab would be able to detect a sabot as a weapon since the b... Read More »

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Computer Forensics Training in Digital Forensics & Electronic Discovery?

A company or agency that has a computer network may at some point find itself having to deal with some kind of electronic-related crime or misbehavior. It could be external, such as a hacker, or it... Read More »

How is DNA used in forensics?

There are 13 regions (loci) in the human DNA that contain information that is unique to each individual. Forensic scientists use the DNA information collected from tissue samples (such as hair, ski... Read More »

How are forensics used?

Forensics are used to help resolve issues that arise in the legal system. During a case, forensic scientists that specialize in specific areas may apply their expertise to the legal issue and when ... Read More »

Who uses computer forensics?

Computer forensics is used by criminal prosecutors, civil litigators, insurance companies, corporations, law enforcement officials and victims of social wrongs. Computer forensics retrieves potenti... Read More »