How long does it take for food poisoning to pass?

Answer On One Hand: Typical DurationAccording to the Mayo Clinic, "sickness caused by poisoning generally lasts from one to 10 days." Illness as the result of food poisoning may be present within a few ho... Read More »

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How deos food poisoning pass from person to person?

It is transmitted from person to person by fecal contamination of food.

When you throw up when you have food poisoning are you are you get rid of dead bactera or just bactiera?

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How does the body fight food poisoning?

Food poisoning afflicts 76 million individuals annually according to the website "," and usually results in gastroenteritis (stomach or intestine inflammation). Poisoning is caused by a v... Read More »

Does food poisoning cause bloating?

On One Hand: It Could HappenBloating, a feeling of abdominal fullness caused by excessive gas in the digestive tract, has many causes including gastrointestinal infections, blockages and diseases, ... Read More »