Can flu shot harm the unborn baby?

Answer Some flu shots are harmless to an unborn baby, but it depends on the vaccine. Consult your doctor about it before you get a flu shot.

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Can ice harm an unborn baby?

If you are talking about the drug ice then absolutely. You should not be carrying a baby if you are going yo harm it with a drug.

Can alcohol harm an unborn baby?

Yes, alcohol can harm an unborn baby.

Can Impetigo harm an unborn baby?

Impetigo is a 'contagious' disease. That means it is spread by direct physical contact. If you don't touch anyone who has it you shouldn't get the infection. It is quite rare for an adult to get im... Read More »

Can genital warts harm a unborn baby?

To keep the baby from being infected, the baby will be delivered via c-section.