Can flour dough be used for fermentation?

Answer Buy some baker's dough..That might work..

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How to Use Flour to Make Art Dough?

Making your own art dough with flour and salt is simple and economical. Keep a supply on hand for craft projects year-round. Make up a batch for rainy day activities. Use your art dough for a varie... Read More »

How to Make Maps Out of Flour Dough?

Teachers and students have used flour dough to make three-dimensional maps in social studies classes for generations. The dough lends itself to recreating topographical features on models to repres... Read More »

Can I make pizza dough from flour only?

Pizza dough cannot be made only with flour. Pizza dough requires yeast in order to rise, and most recipes call for some combination of flour, salt, water and olive oil.Source:Anna Maria: Basic Pizz... Read More »

Can I mix flour and water WITHOUT yeast to make pizza dough?

YEAST-FREE PIZZA DOUGH 2 cups all purpose flour2 tsp. baking powder1/2 tsp. salt2/3 cup milk6 tbsp. olive oilMaking pizza dough the traditional way using yeast takes some planning so the dough can... Read More »