Can flea bites harm pregnant women?

Answer Not in moderation, but they can harm a newborn. You need to call the vet and get advantage in order to rid your house before the babies born.

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Should Pregnant Women Be Around Dogs' Flea & Tick Treatment?

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How does raw food harm a pregnant women?

Raw food is much more susceptible to bacteria which can result in a life threatening virus to the fetus. When you cook the food, it cooks out the bacteria. For example, when you cook with wine, the... Read More »

Does methadone harm pregnant women?

As long as the pregnant mother is taking the methadone as prescribed she will be fine. However, make sure to visit your doctor regularly and let him monitor your dosage very closely.

How do you tell if you got flea bites or tick bites?

It's not tick bites because ticks don't bite and leave. They burrow and stay until you get them out of your skin. I've never seen a flea bite that looks like your description either. Since you have... Read More »