Can flatulence cause pain in areas of the body?

Answer On One Hand: Unexpelled Gas Is PainfulFlatulence, also known as intestinal gas, can cause pain in the abdomen if you don't pass gas. Excessive gas can cause gas pains in the small intestine, large ... Read More »

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What could cause pain throughout the body?

Pain throughout the bodyThere are many and various illnesses which could cause such pain. I can appreciate your anxiety about your mother, but finding a diagnosis may not be the answer to your worr... Read More »

Does flatulence cause pink eye?

of course it does!! The evidence is in the book of Mormon. Check link below to ensure of this:

Does stress cause flatulence and constipation?

Yes, without question. As an airline pilot, I am stressed out every time I must land or take off. During these moments, the cabin literally becomes blue with fart smoke.Air-related stress also ca... Read More »

How Do I Get a doctor to LEGALLY prescribe Dilaudid a great pain killer that works on of my pain areas?

When the body experiences pain it is trying to tell us something and we need to listen. The Dilaudid will only mask the pain but the underlying condition will remain. Dilaudid is a very strong drug... Read More »