How do fish swim in schools?

Answer Fish schools, or groups, are composed of many fish of the same species swimming together in almost complete unison. Fish respond quickly to their neighbors' changes in speed and direction.Genetic P... Read More »

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Tropical Fish Swim Bladder Disease?

Anyone who keeps a tropical fish aquarium needs to be familiar with the diseases that can infiltrate the tank. One of the most common of these diseases is swim bladder disorder. In her article "Swi... Read More »

Fish With Swim Bladder Disease?

Swim bladder disease occurs when the gas-filled sac located toward a fish's tail, called a swim bladder, is compromised by stomach distention, a bacterial infection or some trauma. Certain round-bo... Read More »

Treatment of Swim Bladder Disease in Betta Fish?

Swim bladder disease is an ailment that affects fish that rely on a swim bladder to stay buoyant in the water. A disease or disorder of the swim bladder can cause a fish to float to the top or sink... Read More »

In cooking fish, what does "boil until they swim" mean?

It will mean when they rise up from the bottom. At that stage turn off the heat and let it finish poaching in the waterTry cooking a piece that way so you know what you are doing, and get a timing ... Read More »