Can fine wine ever expire?

Answer All wine will eventually expire - it is an organic compound, after all. Unless they have been stored in sub-zero temperatures, most wines will expire within a few decades. I very much doubt the any... Read More »

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Can wine expire?

Wine doesn't necessarily expire but it could reach its maturation potential and then become sort of lousy.The ysay to drink white wine within 2 years of purchase.Red wine in the proper storage loca... Read More »

Does sparkling wine expire?

That wine will only expire if the cork is bad. With some degradation of compounds the wine will lose some of its delicate character after many years. The best indicator of how good the wine will be... Read More »

How to Start a Fine Wine Collection?

With Bordeaux growing its best grapes since 1949 and Asia's markets booming, now could be the ideal time to start a fine wine collection.All that is required is a real passion for wine.

Which Fine Wine would make an impressive GIFT?

It really depends upon their taste. Do they drink red or white wine with dinner or when they eat out?Inexpensive (Most under $15) great Reds: Mondavi Private Selection Merlot, Bonterra Zinfandel or... Read More »