Can fine hair be permed into spirals?

Answer On One Hand: Spiral BenefitsA spiral perm transforms straight, stringy hair into springy, spiral locks. Ideal for fine hair, a spiral perm adds body and texture without putting a lot of strain on t... Read More »

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How to Wet Set Hair for Spirals Without Rollers or Rods?

Braids can bend your hair into spirals and waves for a natural looking curl pattern without rods or curlers. Often referred to as a "braid-out," the styling technique is a healthy alternative for h... Read More »

Hair Care Products for Gray, Colored and Permed Hair?

Just as no one's hair is the same, no hair care product is right for every hair type. Graying, colored or permed hair requires specially formulated hair care products that are designed to benefit t... Read More »

How to Get Rid of My Permed Hair?

If you become tired of your permed hair, regret your decision or just want a change you might need to unperm your hair. Unperming your hair requires several days of washing and oiling, but remove t... Read More »

Hair Growth Tips for Permed Hair?

Some of us use a permanent to curl our hair. Some of us use it to straighten our hair. Changing your hair's natural texture with a chemical perm, however, can lead to damaged strands, impacting hai... Read More »