Can filing bankruptcy stay the plaintiff's civil action?

Answer According to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, filing bankruptcy entitles the debtor to an automatic stay. The debtor is granted an injunction with this automatic stay, which legally stops all collection ... Read More »

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Can Filing Bankruptcy Prevent a Creditor From Filing a Mechanic's Lien?

A significant benefit of a bankruptcy filing is the automatic stay. The automatic stay is a court injunction that automatically prevents the filing of any liens and lawsuits once the bankruptcy cas... Read More »

Bankruptcy Law on Civil Suits & Estates in Bankruptcy?

When a debtor defaults on his debts, his creditors may sue him for the amount of the debt plus attorney's fees. Some debtors may choose to file bankruptcy at this point because they are too overwhe... Read More »

Are civil marriages recognized by the IRS for filing?

As long as you and your spouse are legally married, with a marriage license purchased from and filed with the appropriate state agency, you can file taxes jointly, regardless of whether you were ma... Read More »

What is filing for bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy involves initiating a legal process that helps you eliminate or reduce your debt when you are no longer able to pay it. It is viewed as a last resort because it entails severa... Read More »