Can files with 2.1 surround convert into 5.1 surround with a receiver?

Answer Keep in mind that you can only have true surround sound from a DVD, Blu Ray and certain CD. They are encoded in Dolby or DTS. There is no 2.1 surround sound, it is stereo with a subwoofer. Some rec... Read More »

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How does a stereo plug from a PC to a Receiver convert it to 5.1 surround?

The only way a receiver will convert a stereo signal to a 5.1 configuration is by using it's Dolby Pro-Logic setting which artificially creates a surround-sound matrix out of stereo signals.To get ... Read More »

Basic IR repeater for TV equipment in the closet... HDTV receiver, DVD player and surround receiver.?

Xantech makes the best.Try this link from SmartHome.com…If you have a flat pannle such as a plasma or LCD make sure to get a system that run for these disp... Read More »

Can surround receiver distribute hdmi without being on?

Yes.The receiver will need to be on for you to to view the various input sources on your TV.

Surround Sound Receiver brands?

I think H/K is a bit overpriced, not to mention ugly. Yamaha and Onkyo are good choices. In my opinion Onkyo has the best value a/v receivers in the market. Of those three I say go with the Onky... Read More »