Can files be sent through Skype?

Answer Yes, the messaging program Skype does allow you to send files directly to another user. Simply select a name on your list of friends and choose "Send File..." to pick any file from your computer. T... Read More »

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What size files can be sent through Skype?

Skype has no limit on the file size that can be sent. Skype is software that allows people to make free video and voice calls, send message and share files with other Skype users.References:Skype: ... Read More »

How do you sync skype messages and files from iphone to mac?

How to Create Text Files from Skype Chat?

I'm sure most of you have used Skype for video and text chat in the past. Sometimes, during chat sessions, particularly those of a textual nature, there's important information you may need to have... Read More »

Skype Question Do my contacts have to be logged into Skype for me to see them online?

It's only when they log into skype. You can set it so that no one see's that you are logged into skype though, so just because skype says they are not there does not mean they aren't, it just may m... Read More »