Can fiberglass bathtubs be refinished?

Answer Fiberglass bathtubs are ideal candidates for refinishing and/or resurfacing. You can mend cracks up to 10 inches in length with fiberglass repair kits, and match the color of the patch with the exi... Read More »

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Can cracked fiberglass bathtubs be fixed?

Yes, cracked fiberglass bathtubs are repairable. Repair fiberglass bathtub cracks using a fiberglass repair kit or an appliance touch-up. The larger the crack, the longer it takes to complete the r... Read More »

Care of Gelcoat Fiberglass Bathtubs?

Distinguished by their smooth, glossy finish, gelcoat fiberglass bathtubs are affordable alternatives to acrylic and porcelain enamel. Gelcoat fiberglass bathtubs, like all tubs, become contaminate... Read More »

How to Clean Fiberglass Bathtubs with Vinegar?

Fiberglass bathtubs are durable and versatile, fitting in with nearly any bathroom design. Fiberglass is nonporous, making the bathtub easy to clean because stains and residue will not be absorbed ... Read More »

What causes the orange peel look on fiberglass bathtubs?

Answer This can also be called, "fish-eye" and it's generally caused by the "kicking time" added to color of the tub and not the fiberglass. Fiberglass when applied needs to be "faired out" (sand... Read More »